Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review - Mindful Attraction Plan

Big fan of Athol Kay. I think his writing is very practical and has helped a lot of marriages.  I have read his blog and his book, Married Man Sex Life.

I recently read his book, Mindful Attraction Plan.  Summary: it is the concepts from Married Man Sex Life applied in a more general manner to any area of your life: relationships, employment, social clubs, etc.

It's sort of common sense runs head long into Eastern philosophy and get tangled up.

From the Eastern philosophy perspective, he focuses on the type of energy you cultivate.  Positive or negative.  People are drawn to positive energy, so try to maximize it.  It's very similar to karma, but from a more practical standpoint.  People respond positively to positive vibes and negatively to negative ones.  The one you can send out positive vibes, the more positively people respond to you.

From the common sense perspective, he gives great tips for improving important areas in your life such as health and finances to allow you to be more positive.  It's not just feel good self help nonsense, it's common sense with the future in mind.

He also incorporates core Game concepts into the book.  Concepts of scarcity, frame control and non-neediness.  These concepts apply equally to employment scenarios and romantic scenarios.

His comparison of draining relationships as vampires is an absolutely brilliant analogy.  You do not get a pass for being the victim though.  He points out that you chose that role, but he offers you a life line to change it.

I've begun incorporating some of these concepts into my employment, and it has really helped.  It helps ME maintain a more positive frame which helps me reduce my stress level.  I notice that others respond so much better to positive energy vs negative.

The essence of the book is practicality and application.  Any theory covered is done so in order to help you apply those concepts to bettering your relationships.

If I were grading on a 5 star rating scale, I would have to give it 5 out of 5.  Great read and can only help you in your relationships.

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