Thursday, December 18, 2014

Embrace Failure

Most of my life I have been afraid of failing.

When you are afraid to fail, you don't try new things.  You don't grow.  You don't really succeed.

I think the fear of failing comes from thinking you are special, and if you fail, then you face the truth that you are not special.  The truth is that you are not special.  You will fail at things.  You may even fail at things that you later become very good at.  There is a pain period when learning any new skill.

The proper mindset is to accept that you may fail but this does not mean you are inferior.  You try, you fail, and you try again if it's something you really want.  Do not take failure or rejection personally.  It comes back to making you a priority.

So put yourself out there today.  Take that audition, that job interview or talk to that cute girl.  You will grow from the experience no matter how it goes.  You put yourself ahead of the masses by just being willing to fail.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

What is game?

The more I think about Game, the more I think it's only partially about sex.

Sex is what men seek, but sex is a side effect of truly loving yourself.

A big part of Game is realizing no woman will ever truly love or appreciate you in the way you want.

You have to make you your first priority.  This is very counter to what we are taught as men.  We are taught to put others first, sacrifice ourselves for others.  Unfortunately, this is the road to loneliness and dissatisfaction.

This is applicable to more than romantic settings.  It also holds true in your workplace.  Do you seek your manager's approval or the approval of your coworkers?  A path to disappointment and neediness.

You must yourself.  You must prioritize you.  People will pick up on that and assume you are a person of value if you value yourself.

Paradoxically, putting yourself first puts you in a better position and mindset to help others.

Put yourself first and tell me how it changes your experience of life.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Why? Why Not?


Why do you drink so much?

Why do you smoke?

Why do you do drugs?

Why do you binge eat?

Probably because you lack hope and satisfaction.  You are attempting to find an escape from the stress of your existence.

I think the majority of people are so disconnected from others and lacking of meaningful relationships that they lack satisfaction in their day to day lives.  They are absolutely starved for it.

Why Not?

The flip side of why, is why not?

Why not get trashed, overeat or any other destructive coping activity?

Why not?  Because you have something in your life you find satisfaction in.  You have something you hope for you in the future.

Find something in your life to be satisfied with today.  It can be something small.  Anything.

Find something you hope for and will work towards to be satisfied with in the future.

Having satisfaction and hope is critical for building a fulfilling life.

Please note, I am not throwing stones.  We all cope with various methods.  It is important to look at why we do what we do.  Let's be honest with ourselves.  We may find areas of our lives that we can improve as a result.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Six String Ninja

I've been playing guitar for a while now, and it's a great hobby.  I highly recommend it, but probably not for the reasons you think.

Your first thought is probably - women.  Last reason you should pick up any hobby or interest other than game itself.

Some of the reasons you should consider picking it up.

Playing is a very immersive experience.  When you pick up the guitar and play for a while, when you are done you realize you have not been thinking about whatever stresses or problems you had on your mind.  It is a very zen like experience.  It takes focus and being in the moment.

It is very enjoyable, once you get over the frustration period.  It is very satisfying to explore the sounds and music you can play.  It is very creative.

Nothing builds confidence like overcoming challenges.  Playing guitar is a real challenge.  The finger movements are unnatural, and your hands will not be strong or conditioned to playing for a while.  Sticking to it and being able to play some songs you hear on the radio will build confidence.  It will also teach you to expect and overcome the frustration period any new skill requires.

An acoustic guitar can be grabbed and taken about anywhere.  You can practice at the park or play while hanging out with friends.  Not so much with a piano.

Lifelong Interest
You can play guitar for the rest of your life.  MMA and other similar interests are hard on the body and a young man's arena.  I also cannot imagine ever running out of things to learn.  Every time I feel like I'm getting a handle on the instrument, my instructor opens a new door and it's learning some new aspect of the instrument - reset the learning process.

If you are interested in learning, I can pass on the following from my own experience.

Don't just buy a guitar and try to figure it out on your own.  Get an instructor.  A local one if you can, but if you cannot afford one or have access to one, there are great online resources.  Doug Marks has been doing video lessons for many many years, and his program is great.  Steve Stine has some great video instruction under "Absolute Fretboard Mastery".  A year's worth of instruction for free.  Very high quality instruction.

Expect Frustration
The first 3 months or so absolutely suck.  It's frustrating.  It takes time to build finger strength, dexterity and callouses.  Realize that and muscle through it.  You'll be glad you did.

Smaller Acoustic Guitars
I recommend a smaller acoustic guitar strung with light strings with a cutaway to start with.  The lighter strings allow you to practice bends and other lead patterns.  The cutaway allows you to play the higher frets commonly played in leads.  I find the smaller body (folk body vs dreadnought) more comfortable to play and transport.  An acoustic guitar also does not require additional electronics (amp) to play.

Make sure the instrument is properly setup.  Most of the instruments you purchase will not be professionally setup.  It's worth the additional $75 bucks or so to get it properly setup.  An instrument that is not setup properly can be EXTREMELY difficult to play and may cause you to abandon it.

If you are looking for a new hobby / interest, consider playing the guitar.  It's very satisfying and a great stress relief.  It can't hurt your game either to be able to drop playing guitar in your conversation or play a little something for that babe that comes over to hang out.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Undisputed Truth: Book Review

Recently finished this book and WOW!


Of course I cannot verify this, but the book felt like it was an honest telling of events - he told when he did not train or do well in a fight.  He revealed things that may be embarrassing.  It seemed to be straight from the heart.

One of the interesting things in the book was where he recounted meeting Iceberg Slim.  Very interesting after having read Iceberg Slim's biography.

Tyson is open about the demons he has fought with and continues to fight with.

He is also one scary mother fucker.  A big scary bipolar son of a bitch.  He talks about how if a fan approached him and he was in a down mood, he might just as quickly bitch slap the person as sign an autograph.  I really liked when he wrote about the the times he went off on Don King.

There's nothing I can say to summarize or describe this book beyond get it and read it.  Hard to put it down once you start reading.

5 stars for sure.

Friday, May 23, 2014

You Know Work Sucks When

Recently overheard ...

"I am looking forward to getting a colonoscopy because it means a couple days off from work"

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Great Generosity

I have noticed that people are EXTREMELY generous and caring of other people ... as long as they are using someone else's money to fund that generosity.